HauntedPaulding started in 2006 as an online project with the specific goal of giving the people in our area a safe haven to discuss paranormal topics, a subject still considered taboo by most people.

From this simple idea an amazing community developed. We began to hold public meetings on a monthly basis. The turnout was always better than we ever expected. At the height of these meetings, we’d often have two dozen or more people in regular attendance and a varying degree of those coming in and out as they could.

Eventually, HP formed The Paulding Paranormal Society, and for the last 8 years it has flourished. Now the time has come to bring back what HauntedPaulding was all about: an educational forum designed to bring the community together in understanding paranormal phenomena and research. It is time for PPS to give more back to the community, and this time we are taking it to the next level with the HauntedPaulding Paranormal Research Association.

With that, we invite you to participate here on the site or on our Facebook page. Apply to join, and see the real side of paranormal investigating that few ever see.