Welcome to the HauntedPaulding Paranormal Research Association’s recruitment center. HauntedPaulding is accepting applications for new members. Please note that applying does NOT guarantee membership – we must have empty spaces in the roster and will only accept those who we feel are seriously interested in the association. When applying, please make the best argument as to why you believe you should be accepted as a member, and how you would benefit HP.

Post-Application Information

HauntedPaulding typically conducts as many as 12 to 24 investigations and outings a year. With this, we’ve decided to implement some things to show that you’re serious about joining us on our adventures and committed to the cause.

If your application is accepted, there is a $35 annual fee for being a member. Attendance records will also be kept, and those showing a true interest and steady participation will be considered first for available outing slots. Each membership will come with the requirement of dedication, but will also come with several perks.

The Perks

1. We conduct several investigations per year. As a HauntedPaulding member, you are guaranteed to go on at least 2 per year (more depending upon attendance to meetings and events). The actual number of investigations will vary, depending on membership size and cases handled per year.

2. You will gain access to Paulding Paranormal Society’s meetings, outings, and experiences that you simply cannot gain otherwise.

3. Each year, one large investigation will be conducted, at a discount or for free at a location that is rarely seen by public eyes. Whether a discounted or free admission will depend upon the location chosen for that year, but HP members will NEVER pay full price. Locations could include Old South Pittsburg Hospital, Sloss, Undisclosed Church, Theater, and several other places that are available and on the roster. We have our hands in several reputable haunted locations.

4. HP members will have access to at-cost pricing on team gear (clothing, hats, stickers, ect…)

5. HP members will have free access to all large events held by HP/PPS.

Before you begin

If your application is accepted, there will be a trial to make sure that you are for HP and the HP is for you. Before officially joining our organization, we will invite you to one meeting, let you meet the PPS team and other HP members, hear our tales, and see how we operate. We will go over association rules and policies with you. If you then decide to join the team, you will be requested to turn in your yearly fee and will officially become a HauntedPaulding Paranormal Research Association member.

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Give us a list of things you believe you possess that could be an asset to paranormal investigating? Writing, Photoshop, html/css, college degrees, anything!
Describe your beliefs about the paranormal?
Are you now, or have you ever been, in a paranormal group? If so, please list the name, dates and reason you left.
What types of cases do you want to pursue and why? (haunting, demonic, UFO, etc)
How did you hear about us?
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