Welcome to HauntedPaulding!

The HauntedPaulding Paranormal Research Association, spearheaded by The Paulding Paranormal Society (PPS), is our way to conduct more outreach to the community. HP will concentrate on broadening our cases and evidence analysis, recruiting new members, and allowing those with an interest in paranormal phenomena to be a part of an extraordinary experience.

So what’s with this new revamp and launch?

It’s simple. PPS has grown exponentially in its members, experience, cases, and events, so much that in the past, we’ve had some difficulty keeping up with it all. HauntedPaulding’s relaunch is our way of rebooting the system to a sleeker and more data-driven method than we were previously employing, while allowing others with an interest in paranormal research to be a part of it all.

What’s happening to PPS?

PPS is still here. HauntedPaulding is, in essence, a branch of The Paulding Paranormal Society. One thing we at PPS love to do is our community projects. One question that we are often asked by others is “Can I join?” or “Can I go on an investigation with you?” PPS has very strict rules in regards to guest investigating and membership numbers. This is our way to alleviate all that and in a way return HauntedPaulding to how it started… a community-driven effort.

What does it all mean?

HauntedPaulding will focus on our client-based investigations as well as our open-source locations. HP’s primary drive and reconstruction is set forth to better help the people of our community understand the supernatural events that take place in their lives, with an emphasis on the client. In order to do this, we had to find something that allows more people access to the research that we do and the methodology that we use.

Why not just do all this with PPS?

Big things come with big change, and that’s how we see this with PPS. The team loves what we do, and we don’t necessarily want to change that. HP is our way to keep doing what we do but let you, the community, be more involved. At the same time, we will be able to narrow down our specifications and paperwork to better serve our clients.
I hope this better helps you to understand HauntedPaulding and its purpose. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.